How to stay safe at the airport


With the recent increase in airport terrorist attacks, most passengers concerned about their safety. Each airport has increased the internal security especially at the checkpoints and at the terminal entrances. In addition to the increased security measures, it is important for every person to be well equipped with the necessary tips on how to stay safe at the airport. This because travelers need to protect themselves, both at the domestic and international airports.


How to stay safe at the airport

Avoid Running with the Crowd

In the case of a terrorist attack, do not run with the crowd and you have not yet known what is happening. Running with the crowd is dangerous because if you happen to fall, the rest of the people will unconsciously step on you because of the commotion. Alternatively, move away from the running crowd and find a less populated place like a restroom. Airports have no evacuation points like a hotel or other buildings because they are expected to be highly secure. Even if you run with the crowd, you will not be able to get out of the airport easily.


What to do after Hearing Gun Shots

The moment you hear gunshots or an extremely loud voice, run away from it. It is human nature to want to run towards where the sound is coming from because they would like to know more. However, this is a dangerous move. Terrorist use this tactic of firing guns to attract people and then hold them hostage. To be safe, run away from the direction of the gunshot.


Learn to get through Security Check as Fast as Possible

Most attacks happen in the area just before the security check. This is because people are many and they have not yet gone through the security check. Avoid hanging around this area because it is a potential zone for attacks. Additionally, avoid areas where people tend to crowd like at the kiosks and ticket counters. Do not idle once you reach at the airport, clear with the security.


Train yourself to fly during off-peak Seasons

If you can avoid traveling during high peak seasons, it can be of great help in ensuring safety at the airport. Research shows that most terrorist attacks happen during high season because of the great number of travelers who are anxious to travel for holidays. People wait longer at the security lines which increases the risk of a terrorist attack. Traveling during low season will boost your safety at the airport because the queues are short and no immense crowds.


Familiarize yourself with the Exit Points

Once you get to the airport, check the map and find out where the exits are located. By doing this, you will easily walk out in the case of an insecurity incidence. Confusion at the airport has caused many people to become victims of such attacks because they are unaware of the exit points. Manage a situation before it happens.

Observing these tips will improve your safety at the airport. Always remind yourself about these tips any time you are about to travel. Protect yourself and your family by sharing these tips.


Here's a video to help you know what are the ways to stay safe at the airport.

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