5 Things you shouldn't wear on a plane

5 Things you shouldn't wear on a plane

Knowing what not to wear on a plane is equally important as knowing what to wear. When you are going to seat for several hours in a plane and fly as high as 30,000 feet in the air, you will need to wear clothes that will keep you relaxed and comfortable. Avoid the following things when you are going to travel by plane.

1. Do not Wear Sophisticated Shoes

It is okay to wear fashionable shoes that are complicated when you are not traveling. When it comes to flight fashion, it is a little bit different from the typical day style. The reason as to why is advisable to keep off complicated shoes is because you will be required to remove them at the security check. Complicated shoes often take time before you can get them off and wear them again. It is advisable to wear simple shoes that you will only need to slip your fit on.

2. Avoid Tight Clothes

Tight clothing is dangerous to your health. One of the leading causes of vein thrombosis is wearing tight clothes. They inhibit the free flow of blood, hence clot in the veins making your legs to swell. Also, sitting for a long period increases the risk of vein thrombosis. Your health is far much important than wearing such clothes. Therefore, wear clothes that are free (but not baggy), to allow free flow of blood and to reduce the likelihood of vein disorders.

3. Avoid Strong Perfumes

Avoid wearing strong designer perfumes. This is for the sake of your fellow passengers. Strong perfumes should not be worn on flights because it may cause allergic reactions to travelers who are allergic to such smells. Save your designer perfume and apply it once you land. If you really want to smell nice during the flight, wear freshly washed clothes.

4. Do not Wear Clothes with Offensive Messages

Offensive messages on a t-shirt or any other clothing are inappropriate for the flight. The flight attendants will not hesitate from removing you out of the plane and be forced to wear something different. This scenario is usually embarrassing. Wear clothes that you will be comfortable if you were to attend a church service or meet your mother-in-law. If the outfit does not match these two occasions, you probably should not wear it on a plane.

5. Avoid Wearing Uncomfortable Shoes

Avoid wearing bulky shoes and stilettos. If you have not yet been on a plane before, you should know that 80% of the time you will be standing or walking from one side to another. If you are wearing heavy shoes and stilettos, you are going to be exhausted before you get to board the plane. Chose a comfortable shoe to wear that will make it easy for you to walk in airport aisles. You will save yourself from getting unnecessary leg cramps that will make you feel uncomfortable during the flight.

These are just a few but crucial things that you need to know about the flight fashion. However, it is always important to check any additional fashion recommended by the specific airline service that you will use.

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