11 things not to do at the airport

11 things not to do at the airport

This article focuses on the things you should not do while at the airport. Like every other place, the airport too has its do's and don'ts. Security is key. There are various procedures to be followed and safety measures to be taken. Maybe you are planning to go on a trip or it is your first time at the airport. The following is a guide on the things not to do at the airport.


· Do not jump the queue

Sometimes you may feel too tired to follow the long queues. It gets really tempting to jump the queue, but don't. This may agitate fellow travelers or even worse the staff. You don't want to be embarrassed in front of a thousand people. Or have to start queueing afresh behind everyone else. Be patient enough and wait for your turn to be served.

· Never lose your rag

Even in life situations, not everything goes as we planned it. Some plans may delay or you may even fail to accomplish them. The same way, this might happen at the airport. Probably your flight got delayed, or your luggage got misplaced. This is the time to keep your cool. Do not lash out. It may worsen the situation. Keep calm and let the staff help you solve whatever issue there is.

· Do not sleep at the airport

Life can be busy sometimes. Probably you have been up and down the entire day, and finally you have gotten the chance to sit down and relax while waiting for your flight. Then comes that temptation. You just want to close your eyes for a minute. Don't fall for it. If you do, don't blame anyone for missing your flight, or losing your luggage.

· Do not drink alcohol

Traveling time is holiday time. You really want to drink some beers after a very strenuous working schedule of several months. You want to party already. But control this urge. You will need your brain operating perfectly especially just before the flights. There could be some minor changes which will definitely require you to be alert. Plus you won't need to keep rushing to the washrooms.

· Do not wear sandals

Putting on sandals puts your fit at risk. There are thousands of people walking around the airport floor every day. You do not want to contract illnesses as a result of this simple mistake. Make sure you wear closed shoes to protect your feet from any contamination.

· Never crack jokes about security

Some of us are just that funny. They find a joke in every situation, even the serious ones. If you are the type, this one is for you. Never try to joke about a matter of national security while at the airport. This will get you arrested. It will not only take a lot of your time and energy, you will also miss your flight, and mess up with your schedule.

· Do not misplace your boarding pass and ID

The minute you get to the airport, ensure that you have your boarding pass and your ID with you. Do not wait until you are in the queue to start looking for them. It makes work a lot easier when you already have these two at hand by the time you get to the security agent.

· Do not pack your liquid carry-ons deep inside your luggage

If you have any liquids with you, it is advisable you pack them where you can easily get them. For example, in your sling bag or in a clear bag. This will make your work and that of the airport security agents easy.

· Do not bring with you too much liquid.

In almost all airports, you are not supposed to bring more than a hundred millimeters of any form of liquid. Doing this will slow down the queue since your luggage will have to be pulled off the security belt for inspection.

· Do not put on your sunglasses

Sunglasses make us look cool. And we all want to look cool, especially during travel. The airports though are quite restraining. Putting on your sunglasses may portray a different picture about you. Everyone is thinking about their security. People may think you are trying to hide your identity. This will definitely cause an alarm. In some cases you might even be arrested for investigation. The result of that, you get emotionally tortured and you miss your flight

· Do not reach out for your pockets directly after setting off the metal detector

Security agents will see you as a threat. They will think you are reaching out for a weapon. In some cases, they may be forced to use their weapons. You do not want to get hurt just before your flight or cause an alarm.


As many as the don'ts in the airport may seem, they are all very important. Follow the set regulations, and you will never have to face frustrations at the airport. It will make your experience better too!

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