10 tips to help plan your trip

10 tips to help plan your trip

Congratulations! You've just booked yourself to the trip you have been looking forward for the whole year, and we know that there's nothing more exciting than planning the trip you've always wanted. Especially in a midst of a busy schedule where we hardly find time to relax ourselves. It has been a known fact that a nice travel is the best stress-buster, so go ahead and take your time-off to enjoy that trip, you deserve it.

But before you throw your whole closet on that luggage and travel, consider reading these tips, they are perfectly meant for you. It's a special trip after all, and you don't want to regret spending time and money for a travel that might be not-so-worthy.


There are many options for vacations these days. When considering a vacation there are many things to consider and here are are 10 tips to help plan your trip:


1. Get to know the climate and the weather at the date you will go to stay, having a dozen of sweaters under a sunny weather is a bit frustrating.

2. Work with your Travel Agent especially if you are flexible on dates. Travel Agents get daily specials that are not available to the public and can notify you of vacations or cruises that could be of interest to you at reduced prices.

 3. Bring a small bag with you whenever you leave the hotel room. That is for the keys, wallet, cell phones and other stuff that you cannot survive a minute without. If you're not used to bringing small bags, better opt for clothing that has enough pockets for your stuff.

4. Save the battery of your cell phone by turning it off when you may be in a dead spot. This goes especially well if your travel destination is a bit rural and there won't always be a place to charge your cell phone.

5. When considering trips during peak periods like Spring Break, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and the Summer School Holidays, consider that these periods incur holiday supplements. If you need to book for these periods try to book way in advance. This will minimize flight expenses and will reduce some of the supplements.

6. Know the transportation mode on the area beforehand. You don't want to be riding to a cargo truck to the hotel when you're actually expecting limousine! This is all about being prepared.

7. Know the spending details on the area like the exchange rates (if any), the cost of food and toiletries, and the cost of phone calls and text messaging and any other mode of payments accepted in the area particularly on the hotel you are staying.

8. If you will be out of your hotel nearly most of the time, it is better to ask the hotel admin or receptionist the details like the nearest hospitals, police stations, or other concerned department for your safety. It's the hotel's responsibility to let you know these stuff right after your arrival.

9. Do you like to unpack and stay put and go out sightseeing? Then Cruising might be a good option for you. As you have the benefit of the all inclusive in part as all the meals are included as is the entertainment and activities whilst at the same time the ship stops in various ports where you can leave the ship and visit local cities. Cruising is becoming a very popular choice with many travelers.

 10. Do a little bit of research on your destination by asking some of your friends who have been there or searching the web for reviews and fan pages, they could provide you tips you never expected.

Be mentally prepared by keeping the purpose of this trip in your mind, always. You deserve this trip so be firm on yourself and remember that this is your time to have fun, so relax and enjoy! If internet connection is a necessity for you, ask the hotel if they offer free access or if there might be additional charges. In some places, internet access costs a lot.

We hope these suggestions help. Planning a trip can be more fun, but make sure you have all the details covered, and be sure to take out travel insurance as there is nothing worse than getting sick in a strange place.

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