Can I Bring A Stun Gun In The Airport? 

Having the best self-defense is what we all wished for especially that in our times today, we can never tell if someone would attack us from nowhere. You must always consider the possibility that you can become the next victim of crimes if you have nothing that will help you in defending yourself. Many life saver devices are in reports today which has proven to be effective especially when in situations where someone is trying to harm them. The airport security policies surrounding stun guns is one of the powerful devices that people are getting a hand of these days.

This kind of stunning device has proven to be effective especially that it can interrupt the normal electrical signals of the brain to its receptors due to the voltage of electricity that it emits. With a disruption of the signals, the person will have mental confusion and the muscles will not move for a while. Pain can be felt, and temporary weakness is experienced. These are the effects of a stun gun in an airport that can buy you all the time that you need for a great escape from the plans of an attacker.

However, you must bear in mind that you have to follow the rules of the state from where you are residing. Some places do not allow. However, there are more places that legalize the possession of this stun gun in an airport. Usually, when it is legalized, the law would state that only those who are of legal age are allowed to buy and carry one. It must not also be brought in certain areas like the airport or government buildings. More importantly, it must not be used for other purposes like assault or crimes but instead it must only be used for self-defense.

If for instance, the owner has used it in plans to hurt others and not for self-defense, charges will be filed, and of course, the taser will be confiscated, and there is a large percentage that he cannot use a stun gun for good. However, if the police authorities have proven under investigation that the stun gun was used for self-defense, then the device will be returned to the owner. If ever you cannot wait for your device, you can still have the option to buy a new one so that you will be assured of your protection every time.

If you still have doubts on your mind on the use of a stun gun in an airport , you can always inquire with your local police department about the ordinances that you need to follow. It is much better that you ask the right people and the authorities so that you are assured that you have followed what is according to the law. When you have bought a stun gun in an airport, you must consider it as your own, and you must be responsible enough to know how to use it. You must be liable for your decisions on when you are going to use it, and you must make sure that you will only grab it to defend yourself.

7 best places to travel in 2017

Travel is all about exciting activity and discovery, and the world is brimming with worthy contenders. There are a lot of incredible destinations on earth. People, who love to travel across the globe, are continuously in search of the list of the best places to visit. The world is getting smaller and smaller with the passage of time. And the chances of exploration of the extraordinary places are increasing on a daily basis. There's a whole lot of world out there to explore in 2017, with so many destinations worth visiting that it can be overwhelming to even think about where you should go next.

We all have our idea of what makes the perfect vacation. Some prefer the relaxation spent on a quiet beach, and some see the perfect getaway to be in a bustling city with lush restaurants and entertainment to take you into the small hours of the morning. However, if this isn't your cup of tea and you are looking for something to get that adrenaline pumping, then you've come to the right place! Check out the Best Countries To Visit In 2017 to get your heart racing!



1. Colorado Grand Canyon.

Located in the United States, the Colorado River has cut one of the steepest gorges in the world. 18 miles wide, 1 mile in depth and over 275 miles long, this gorge is humongous. It is said to have been cut by the River Colorado over a period of 6 million years. A rafting tour of the Grand Canyon is an experience you will remember forever, so make plans to visit the area and see first hand what everyone raves about.



2.The Australian Great Barrier Reef.

One of the most amazing places in the world, the Great Barrier Reef is also the largest coral reef on the planet. It also has the unique distinction of being both a National as well as a World Heritage site. This great natural gift of Australia has many coastal towns like Cairns, Townsville, Rockhamton, and Mackay, contributing to tourism with their highly developed infrastructures.



3. The Taj Mahal in India.

The Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world and is a symbol of love and purity. Built in the memory of his wife, Mumtaz, Taj Mahal was constructed by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. The Taj is a World Heritage Site and is located in the Indian city of Agra and is truly a must visit place for everyone.



4. Machu Picchu in Peru.

Peru has the honour of being the place where the ruins of Machu Picchu are now located. The Incas considered it one of the most sacred places for their civilization. Apart from the ruins, there still stand some stone structures built by the Incan people that are beautiful beyond description. From November to March, Machu Picchu experiences the rainy season, so be ready to get soaked & slippery path conditions. The damp months are from January to April, when paths are closed by flooding or landslides. However, the optimal months for touring Machu Picchu are from April to October. During this time, the tourists are expected to be very high, so you need to book well in advance.



5. Hawaii.

The first place is a haven for sea, and sand lovers as Hawaii are undoubtedly one of the tops visited places. It might turn out to be a bit expensive, but the trip in itself will be a memorable one.



6. Sri Lanka.

It has some of the most amazing beaches in the world. One of the most amazing places in the world to visit, this island is now free from all the wars that plagued it and hence the ideal place to visit.



7. Egypt.

Although the political conflict has left Egypt shaken, it remains one of the must visit places in the world and not just for the Pyramids. It is a land of contrasts and surprises.


That completes my pick of the seven most amazing places in the world. I would love to share my adventure with you provided my dream of traveling to all of them comes true. Traveling around the world should not be hard, but it should enrich your life by world travel with Best Countries to Visit In 2017.

11 things not to do at the airport

This article focuses on the things you should not do while at the airport. Like every other place, the airport too has its do's and don'ts. Security is key. There are various procedures to be followed and safety measures to be taken. Maybe you are planning to go on a trip or it is your first time at the airport. The following is a guide on the things not to do at the airport.


· Do not jump the queue

Sometimes you may feel too tired to follow the long queues. It gets really tempting to jump the queue, but don't. This may agitate fellow travelers or even worse the staff. You don't want to be embarrassed in front of a thousand people. Or have to start queueing afresh behind everyone else. Be patient enough and wait for your turn to be served.

· Never lose your rag

Even in life situations, not everything goes as we planned it. Some plans may delay or you may even fail to accomplish them. The same way, this might happen at the airport. Probably your flight got delayed, or your luggage got misplaced. This is the time to keep your cool. Do not lash out. It may worsen the situation. Keep calm and let the staff help you solve whatever issue there is.

· Do not sleep at the airport

Life can be busy sometimes. Probably you have been up and down the entire day, and finally you have gotten the chance to sit down and relax while waiting for your flight. Then comes that temptation. You just want to close your eyes for a minute. Don't fall for it. If you do, don't blame anyone for missing your flight, or losing your luggage.

· Do not drink alcohol

Traveling time is holiday time. You really want to drink some beers after a very strenuous working schedule of several months. You want to party already. But control this urge. You will need your brain operating perfectly especially just before the flights. There could be some minor changes which will definitely require you to be alert. Plus you won't need to keep rushing to the washrooms.

· Do not wear sandals

Putting on sandals puts your fit at risk. There are thousands of people walking around the airport floor every day. You do not want to contract illnesses as a result of this simple mistake. Make sure you wear closed shoes to protect your feet from any contamination.

· Never crack jokes about security

Some of us are just that funny. They find a joke in every situation, even the serious ones. If you are the type, this one is for you. Never try to joke about a matter of national security while at the airport. This will get you arrested. It will not only take a lot of your time and energy, you will also miss your flight, and mess up with your schedule.

· Do not misplace your boarding pass and ID

The minute you get to the airport, ensure that you have your boarding pass and your ID with you. Do not wait until you are in the queue to start looking for them. It makes work a lot easier when you already have these two at hand by the time you get to the security agent.

· Do not pack your liquid carry-ons deep inside your luggage

If you have any liquids with you, it is advisable you pack them where you can easily get them. For example, in your sling bag or in a clear bag. This will make your work and that of the airport security agents easy.

· Do not bring with you too much liquid.

In almost all airports, you are not supposed to bring more than a hundred millimeters of any form of liquid. Doing this will slow down the queue since your luggage will have to be pulled off the security belt for inspection.

· Do not put on your sunglasses

Sunglasses make us look cool. And we all want to look cool, especially during travel. The airports though are quite restraining. Putting on your sunglasses may portray a different picture about you. Everyone is thinking about their security. People may think you are trying to hide your identity. This will definitely cause an alarm. In some cases you might even be arrested for investigation. The result of that, you get emotionally tortured and you miss your flight

· Do not reach out for your pockets directly after setting off the metal detector

Security agents will see you as a threat. They will think you are reaching out for a weapon. In some cases, they may be forced to use their weapons. You do not want to get hurt just before your flight or cause an alarm.


As many as the don'ts in the airport may seem, they are all very important. Follow the set regulations, and you will never have to face frustrations at the airport. It will make your experience better too!

5 Things you shouldn't wear on a plane

Knowing what not to wear on a plane is equally important as knowing what to wear. When you are going to seat for several hours in a plane and fly as high as 30,000 feet in the air, you will need to wear clothes that will keep you relaxed and comfortable. Avoid the following things when you are going to travel by plane.

1. Do not Wear Sophisticated Shoes

It is okay to wear fashionable shoes that are complicated when you are not traveling. When it comes to flight fashion, it is a little bit different from the typical day style. The reason as to why is advisable to keep off complicated shoes is because you will be required to remove them at the security check. Complicated shoes often take time before you can get them off and wear them again. It is advisable to wear simple shoes that you will only need to slip your fit on.

2. Avoid Tight Clothes

Tight clothing is dangerous to your health. One of the leading causes of vein thrombosis is wearing tight clothes. They inhibit the free flow of blood, hence clot in the veins making your legs to swell. Also, sitting for a long period increases the risk of vein thrombosis. Your health is far much important than wearing such clothes. Therefore, wear clothes that are free (but not baggy), to allow free flow of blood and to reduce the likelihood of vein disorders.

3. Avoid Strong Perfumes

Avoid wearing strong designer perfumes. This is for the sake of your fellow passengers. Strong perfumes should not be worn on flights because it may cause allergic reactions to travelers who are allergic to such smells. Save your designer perfume and apply it once you land. If you really want to smell nice during the flight, wear freshly washed clothes.

4. Do not Wear Clothes with Offensive Messages

Offensive messages on a t-shirt or any other clothing are inappropriate for the flight. The flight attendants will not hesitate from removing you out of the plane and be forced to wear something different. This scenario is usually embarrassing. Wear clothes that you will be comfortable if you were to attend a church service or meet your mother-in-law. If the outfit does not match these two occasions, you probably should not wear it on a plane.

5. Avoid Wearing Uncomfortable Shoes

Avoid wearing bulky shoes and stilettos. If you have not yet been on a plane before, you should know that 80% of the time you will be standing or walking from one side to another. If you are wearing heavy shoes and stilettos, you are going to be exhausted before you get to board the plane. Chose a comfortable shoe to wear that will make it easy for you to walk in airport aisles. You will save yourself from getting unnecessary leg cramps that will make you feel uncomfortable during the flight.

These are just a few but crucial things that you need to know about the flight fashion. However, it is always important to check any additional fashion recommended by the specific airline service that you will use.

15 Ways to get through the airport faster

Flying is not anymore an extravagance. It has turned into an enormous bother, particularly with regards to the security lines. The following are 15 travel tips, in light of understanding, which will enable you to get through airport security faster.

1. Convey a sack on wheels. The stores offer impressive lightweight packs with haggles up handles. You can store the majority of your things and gadgets in one place, so your hands will be free. On the off chance that you are sorted out, you will travel all the more quickly and all the more rapidly.

2. Print your ticket ahead of time. If you don't have any gear to check, you can continue straight to security with your ticket.

3. Check your Toiletries. It is best to pack your toiletries in your checked stuff. If you need to take them in your go ahead, ensure they conform to aeronautics principles in regards to size and bundling before you get to the airport.

4. Toss your beverages. You can't bring any beverages through security, so process your packs for water jugs, drinks, or other fluids and discard them before you get to security. On the off chance that you need to purchase a drink at the airport, hold up until the point that you have passed security to get it.

5. Convey your ID and ticket. After registration, have these things close by to show to the officers at security, so you don't need to sit idle burrowing through your sack.

6. Expel your laptop. You need to go your laptop through the x-beam machine without the case, in a different receptacle from whatever remains of your things, so have your laptop (and other hardware) effectively open. Remove your laptop from the case while you are holding up in line so you can put it directly into the receptacle.

7. Wear Slip-on shoes. Airports require that you remove your shoes when you experience security, so wearing shoes or expressive dance style shoes will make the procedure faster. Take off your shoes while you are holding up in line and toss them in the receptacle.

8. Pack your belt. Unless your jeans will tumble down, pack your belt in your gear, so you don't need to take it on and off for the metal detector.

9. Purge your pockets. Put the majority of your things in your portable suitcase before you get to the airport. That incorporates the mobile phone, keys, and coins. Then, check your pockets again while you are in line for security and discharge the substance into a receptacle.

10. Expel your Jacket. You presumably won't be permitted to go through the metal detector with a coat or sweater, so put it on the transport line with whatever is left of your things.

11. Discharge your pockets into your folder case or lightweight suitcase while you're holding up in line. Take after this with your watch and substantial adornments. If you have a belt with a strong clasp, then take that off, too. Holding up in line is quite recently dead time so utilize it rather get freed of everything - wireless, wallet, keys, mints, pens, change, and so forth. Do this when you hit the line. On the off chance that you hold up until the point that you get to the scanners so you can utilize the little dishes they give, then you've included superfluous minutes.

12. Keep away from fluids and gels. On the off chance that you need to bring them on (like on account of pharmaceuticals) then ensure you take after TSA guidelines to the letter. On the off chance that you are accustomed to bringing on load up less fundamental things (toiletries, salves, eye drops, and so forth.), then it's a decent time to begin placing them in your gear and checking your sack.

13. Wear slip-on shoes. Anything without shoe bands will save you the cumbersome unfastening, evacuating, returning on, and re-tying dramatization. Some penny loafer is useful for the folks if you have to remain dress for the flight. On the off chance that you can travel easygoing, then you have more alternatives like shoes, deck shoes, and slip-on tennis shoes.

14. Utilize a laptop sack with quick section highlights like speedy discharges or zippers. Getting your laptop out ought to involve a couple of speedy movements. If you need to accomplish more than that, then it's a bother and another pointless deferral.

15. Put your airline ticket in your shirt stash or back jeans take. You have to demonstrate this to the security people promptly after the output, so you need it on your body some place. On the off chance that you attempt to keep it close by amid the entire procedure, then you'll wind up setting it down somewhere and forgetting about it. Hide it rather and keep away from a humiliating hunt that will further back you off.

Plan on how you are going to put your things in the bins on the screening belt. When you are at the head of the line, place your own business in the right order so when you get to the other side, you can put things back together much faster. For instance, place your shoes, sweater and carry-on bag in the first bin. If you're carrying a laptop, take it out of the bag and put your laptop bag in the bin ahead of the bin for your laptop. This way, you will be able to get your laptop bag open and ready for when your laptop comes out of the screening belt.

If you are wearing zippered or shoelace shoes, don't stand at the end of the line to put them on. You'll end up annoying the other passengers and screening agents because you'll back up the line and the screening belt. In most airports, nearly 50% of security checkpoint bottlenecks are caused by those who try to put themselves together without getting out of the way once they get past the security line. Gather all of your things and move to the side so the other passengers behind you can get their things too. Most airports have chairs past security so you can sit down and put your shoes on there.

Keep in mind the tips mentioned above. The next time you travel, you can pass yourself off as an expert traveler as you get yourself past the security lines faster and with the least amount of fuss or delay.

10 tips to help plan your trip

Congratulations! You've just booked yourself to the trip you have been looking forward for the whole year, and we know that there's nothing more exciting than planning the trip you've always wanted. Especially in a midst of a busy schedule where we hardly find time to relax ourselves. It has been a known fact that a nice travel is the best stress-buster, so go ahead and take your time-off to enjoy that trip, you deserve it.

But before you throw your whole closet on that luggage and travel, consider reading these tips, they are perfectly meant for you. It's a special trip after all, and you don't want to regret spending time and money for a travel that might be not-so-worthy.


There are many options for vacations these days. When considering a vacation there are many things to consider and here are are 10 tips to help plan your trip:


1. Get to know the climate and the weather at the date you will go to stay, having a dozen of sweaters under a sunny weather is a bit frustrating.

2. Work with your Travel Agent especially if you are flexible on dates. Travel Agents get daily specials that are not available to the public and can notify you of vacations or cruises that could be of interest to you at reduced prices.

 3. Bring a small bag with you whenever you leave the hotel room. That is for the keys, wallet, cell phones and other stuff that you cannot survive a minute without. If you're not used to bringing small bags, better opt for clothing that has enough pockets for your stuff.

4. Save the battery of your cell phone by turning it off when you may be in a dead spot. This goes especially well if your travel destination is a bit rural and there won't always be a place to charge your cell phone.

5. When considering trips during peak periods like Spring Break, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and the Summer School Holidays, consider that these periods incur holiday supplements. If you need to book for these periods try to book way in advance. This will minimize flight expenses and will reduce some of the supplements.

6. Know the transportation mode on the area beforehand. You don't want to be riding to a cargo truck to the hotel when you're actually expecting limousine! This is all about being prepared.

7. Know the spending details on the area like the exchange rates (if any), the cost of food and toiletries, and the cost of phone calls and text messaging and any other mode of payments accepted in the area particularly on the hotel you are staying.

8. If you will be out of your hotel nearly most of the time, it is better to ask the hotel admin or receptionist the details like the nearest hospitals, police stations, or other concerned department for your safety. It's the hotel's responsibility to let you know these stuff right after your arrival.

9. Do you like to unpack and stay put and go out sightseeing? Then Cruising might be a good option for you. As you have the benefit of the all inclusive in part as all the meals are included as is the entertainment and activities whilst at the same time the ship stops in various ports where you can leave the ship and visit local cities. Cruising is becoming a very popular choice with many travelers.

 10. Do a little bit of research on your destination by asking some of your friends who have been there or searching the web for reviews and fan pages, they could provide you tips you never expected.

Be mentally prepared by keeping the purpose of this trip in your mind, always. You deserve this trip so be firm on yourself and remember that this is your time to have fun, so relax and enjoy! If internet connection is a necessity for you, ask the hotel if they offer free access or if there might be additional charges. In some places, internet access costs a lot.

We hope these suggestions help. Planning a trip can be more fun, but make sure you have all the details covered, and be sure to take out travel insurance as there is nothing worse than getting sick in a strange place.

Airport Problems

Is traveling your thing? Or rather, do you enjoy traveling? Well, most people do. Just the adventure of getting to see different places and meet different people is a thrilling effect. Anyway, as much as it is an amazing experience, sometimes traveling by air can be hectic especially at the airport.

You have to admit it, almost everyone had to go through some obstacles at the airport. So, what is yours? Here are , 8 airport problems that almost everyone has gone through at the airport.


Flight cancellations

Like it or not, you cannot avoid this one. Imagine you are supposed to get married in 10hrs the only problem is you need to catch a flight. Ooops! Your flight has been cancelled. Flight cancellations can be due to adverse weather conditions or simply technical problems. Ladies and gentlemen, if you received news that you are not going to make it to your meeting, appointment, or job interview, imagine the frustration.


Spending cold nights at the airport

If you have spent lonely and cold nights at the airport lounge because your flight was cancelled due to problems you couldn't fix then you can relate with this one.


Passport Problems

Your passport is, quite literally, your ticket to the rest of the world. If you don't have it with you at the airport, you won't be getting out of the country. If you lost your passport, or it was stolen, you won't get much sympathy at the border (whether you're coming to or leaving from your home country). Same thing if it's expired. Above all else when traveling, make sure your passport is up-to-date and sufficiently prepared. You don't want a problem with a small booklet to be the reason you can't explore the world.


Problems at Customs

We've all heard nightmare stories of what a hassle it is to get through customs. Yes, it's completely insane that you missed your flight because the agent thought your knitting needles could be used as a weapon, or your infant son's food container wasn't factory sealed. But just because it's crazy doesn't mean it won't make you miss your flight. Once you give customs agents a reason to check your baggage, they'll be suspicious of pretty much anything they find. Do yourself a favor and don't give them a reason to be suspicious in the first place.


Your criminal history

Being convicted of a crime has long-standing ramifications on a person's life. Even if you've completed the conditions of your sentence, the fact that you have a blemish on your record may unfortunately inhibit your ability to enter certain countries. Even a DUI will raise suspicions at the border when traveling from the US to Canada. There are ways to get relief from such situations for some minor crimes, but this needs to be done long in advance in order to avoid any future problems at the border.


Overlays, delays, and cancellations

You only get two weeks of vacation a year, so you want to make the most of the time you have off, right? Unfortunately, circumstances beyond your control may force you to waste a good chunk of your traveling time sitting around and waiting. If your flight has an overlay in a different city or country, you're at the mercy of the airline's schedule. Of course, most overlays are just long enough to take up a large part of your day, but too short for you to actually leave the airport and do something exciting.

If your flight is delayed or, even worse, canceled, all the planning you put into your travel time will have been completely wasted. There's not much you can do besides take it on the chin. While you probably have an itinerary all set for your trip abroad, you should at least prepare for the possibility that you'll have to cross off some of the items on your list if your travel plans get interrupted.



Face it: travel is exhausting. Like I said in the intro, traveling isn't as simple as hopping on a plane and getting where you need to be. You have to pack meticulously, ensure you and your family have the correct documentation, get to the airport hours ahead of schedule the list goes on. And this isn't even taking jet lag into consideration. You'll undoubtedly need time to adjust to the new timezone when traveling to and from your destination, which can take some of the luster out of your vacation. Hopefully, you can push past all that and enjoy the time you have seeing everything the world has to offer!

Top 10 airport tips

It is always glamorous and amazing to fly to an exotic destination. The truth is that the reality of this concept remains endless. From tight security to noisy crowds, air travel can be Herculean at the best moments. This may occur before you board the air flight. Is your quest for the top 10 airport tips to make a great travel? If you want to keep cool and enjoy your trip, read through the rest part of this content.

During Stopovers Opt For A Day Lounge-Pass:

By buying a lounge pass, you will be able to make a lengthy stopover between flights less painful. You can get these passes in several lounges available. When talking about whiling away hours in comfort, this concept can help you save money. 


The Cheapest Flight Is Not Always The Best:

It may be irresistible to avoid a cheap flight from Toronto to Madrid. With several stopovers in difficult airports, it may not worth saving your time, effort and money. For this reason, it is a good idea to get a direct flight and have a shorter stopover by spending a little more. 


In Your Hand Luggage Ensure To Pack An Empty Water Bottle:

In your carry-on luggage, it may impossible to take liquids. The truth is that nobody will prevent you from holding an empty water bottle. You can fill up your empty bottle provided the security measures are over. The fill up can be done at the neatest bubbler. This will help you save money on bottled water.


With Pre-flight Meals Do Not Go Overboard:

Having a snack or two is a natural time-filler when waiting for your flight. You can try to resist the urge even if you're seriously hungry. Studies have shown that food in airports is overpriced. However, you will be served a couple of snacks and meals while onboard in your flight. Carry along some snacks if you feel peckish during your flight rather than spending extra money for purchases.


Check-in On The Internet:

Your thighs will be sweaty if you miss a check-in. You can save yourself the Herculean stress and pain by checking in online. The idea of check-in online is easy and will not cause any problem. You will not have to go through a long queue that can sap off your total energy.


Do Not Pay Anything For Wi-Fi:

It is important to check if the Wi-Fi is worth your effort, time and money before paying for any airport wireless connection. Since you are on vacations, it may not worth your investment and time. You can save yourself money by unplugging from emails. Try to go on internet free moments for a couple of days.


Let Your Dressing Suit The Security Scanner:

Try a simple and comfortable dressing free from metal when going to the airport. This will help to save you time throughout the security check process. Do not care or bother about a belt and leave your jewelry in your carry-on luggage. For comfort and ease, you can wear slip on shoes. This makes the whole process easy for you and even the scanner.


Save Your Smartphone Charger In Your Hand Luggage:

You can keep your phone charge in your hand luggage in case there is any free airport Wi-Fi service. You can find ports for charging phones in most airports. This is an amazing idea when you have a stopover.


Your Seat Should Be Selected Wisely:

Your seat should be chosen wisely when checking in. This is usually dependent on the kind of flight you want. For easy access to the bathroom and space, aisle seats happen to be amazing. They may not provide the view and comfort window seats provide. You will be able to stretch out with ease by selecting bulkhead seats. This type of seat will provide extra leg room to leggy travelers.


Ignore The Duty Free:

It may not be cheap and easy to get a duty-free service. Skip or ignore the idea of browsing in the stores if you do not have anything important. You can move directly to your gate and get prepared for the journey.


With the top 10 airport tips in this article, you will no longer be confounded when traveling again. Using these tips will help your trip to any destination remain easy, comfortable and enjoyable. Give it a try now.

Smarter Airport Security

Travel safety is the utmost of importance especially when traveling with your family. Tourists and vacationer often fall prey to perpetrators because they do not prepare properly before embarking on a road trip.

Smarter Airport Security have progressed a long way, and there's a lot more than passport control and metal detectors to help with passenger safety and security. Because of high profile criminal and terrorist activity at several airports, airport security has seen some incredible technological advances to improve the safety and security of passengers, staff and the airport.

Traditionally, all passengers had to be treated the same, as if they were criminals, illegal aliens or terrorists which meant that they were all under suspicion. New technology and systems means that smarter airport security only needs to focus on those people who are acting suspiciously, rather than all passengers.

Although CCTV has made smarter airport security much more efficient, there is still a need for people to be constantly looking at the CCTV footage, and recognising what is going on. For the person monitoring the CCTV footage, a moment of distraction, or looking at another incident, could prove to be costly.

Using advanced Video Analytics, the CCTV footage can be analyzed by computer software, to assess what is actually taking place on the screen. This means that situations can be identified, and rules can be set up, so that any event triggering these rules will alert security staff. For example, somebody who leaves a bag near unattended, or who is in the wrong part of the airport, or walking around the perimeter. Crowd detection technology allows individuals to be tracked and traced through the airport. The footage can be tagged and is searchable, so that the person, or event that triggered the rules can be found, and analyzed. People who are where they shouldn't be, looking generally suspicious, loitering, or people passing items between themselves can also be monitored.

These has brought about increased passenger safety and security, and means that there is a reduced reliance on security staff needing to watch all the CCTV monitors, or physically be on the lookout for something suspicious all the time. This helps to decrease the chance of an incident being missed.

For airport staff, advances in airport security systems have seen the introduction of biometrics to control the movement of airport staff, and means that there doesn't have to be a security guard in attendance at all times when staff are accessing secure areas.

The flow of passengers has also been improved. Using Human Behaviour Analytics, the movement of people can be analyzed, and if passengers go the wrong way, or are waiting unnecessarily these actions will alert security guards.

Automated search lanes for passengers means that security guards are only needed for those passengers that set off the alarm. This helps to make passing through security much quicker and easier for the vast majority of passengers.

Intelligent queue monitoring video analytic ensure that the queues keep moving and that there is always enough staff on to deal with the increases in passengers. This helps to reduce the queuing time for passengers.

Safe Ways to Shorten Airport Security Lines

Nowadays, most airports around the world have security lines. These lines can be a cause of frustration and delays. If you want to get through airport security lines with the minimum delay, there are a few safe ways to shorten airport security lines. The key is to think ahead, well before it's your turn at the head of the line.

Start emptying your pockets of loose change. Your wallet and cellphone go into the little bins. If you are wearing a watch, bracelet, or a belt with a buckle, be aware that they can cause the alarm to go off when you're passing through security so take them off as you wait your turn and put them in your carry-on bag or purse. Consolidate snacks and books so you won't have a lot of things to gather together once you are past security.

In airports in the United States, you are required to take off your shoes when you go through security so it's a good idea to wear slip-on shoes since you can take them off and put them back on a lot faster. Shoes with zippers or laces are going to slow you down. If you're wearing zippered or shoelaced shoes, unzip or untie them before you're at the head of the line.

Make sure that you place your liquids, gels, and creams in a sealed plastic bag. Keep in mind that you shouldn't carry more than 3 ounces (100ml) of each liquid in your carry-on. In most countries, liquids that are medically necessary and baby food don't count with your plastic bag allowance, but you need to alert the screening officer.

Plan on how you are going to put your things in the bins on the screening belt. When you are at the head of the line, place your things in the right order so when you get to the other side, you can put things back together much faster. For instance, place your shoes, sweater and carry-on bag in the first bin. If you're carrying a laptop, take it out of the bag and place your laptop bag in the bin ahead of the bin for your laptop. This way, you will be able to get your laptop bag open and ready for when your laptop comes out of the screening belt.

If you are wearing zippered or shoelace shoes, don't stand at the end of the line to put them on. You'll end up annoying the other passengers and screening agents because you'll back up the line and the screening belt. In most airports, nearly 50% of security checkpoint bottlenecks are caused by those who try to put themselves together without getting out of the way once they get past the security line. Gather all of your things and move to the side so the other passengers behind you can get their things too. Most airports have chairs past security so you can sit down and put your shoes on there.

Keep in mind the tips mentioned above. The next time you travel, you can pass yourself off as an expert traveler as you get yourself past the security lines faster and with the least amount of fuss or delay.


With the recent increase in airport terrorist attacks, most passengers concerned about their safety. Each airport has increased the internal security especially at the checkpoints and at the terminal entrances. In addition to the increased security measures, it is important for every person to be well equipped with the necessary tips on how to stay safe at the airport. This because travelers need to protect themselves, both at the domestic and international airports.


How to stay safe at the airport

Avoid Running with the Crowd

In the case of a terrorist attack, do not run with the crowd and you have not yet known what is happening. Running with the crowd is dangerous because if you happen to fall, the rest of the people will unconsciously step on you because of the commotion. Alternatively, move away from the running crowd and find a less populated place like a restroom. Airports have no evacuation points like a hotel or other buildings because they are expected to be highly secure. Even if you run with the crowd, you will not be able to get out of the airport easily.


What to do after Hearing Gun Shots

The moment you hear gunshots or an extremely loud voice, run away from it. It is human nature to want to run towards where the sound is coming from because they would like to know more. However, this is a dangerous move. Terrorist use this tactic of firing guns to attract people and then hold them hostage. To be safe, run away from the direction of the gunshot.


Learn to get through Security Check as Fast as Possible

Most attacks happen in the area just before the security check. This is because people are many and they have not yet gone through the security check. Avoid hanging around this area because it is a potential zone for attacks. Additionally, avoid areas where people tend to crowd like at the kiosks and ticket counters. Do not idle once you reach at the airport, clear with the security.


Train yourself to fly during off-peak Seasons

If you can avoid traveling during high peak seasons, it can be of great help in ensuring safety at the airport. Research shows that most terrorist attacks happen during high season because of the great number of travelers who are anxious to travel for holidays. People wait longer at the security lines which increases the risk of a terrorist attack. Traveling during low season will boost your safety at the airport because the queues are short and no immense crowds.


Familiarize yourself with the Exit Points

Once you get to the airport, check the map and find out where the exits are located. By doing this, you will easily walk out in the case of an insecurity incidence. Confusion at the airport has caused many people to become victims of such attacks because they are unaware of the exit points. Manage a situation before it happens.

Observing these tips will improve your safety at the airport. Always remind yourself about these tips any time you are about to travel. Protect yourself and your family by sharing these tips.


Here's a video to help you know what are the ways to stay safe at the airport.

10 things to do at airport security

Wherever you travel in the world, you will more than likely be forced to clear travel security before you can get on with your trip. Fortunately, there are some tricks to clearing the security like a pro, and these tricks will make life more pleasant for you and your fellow travelers. Think ahead, so you're not doing all of this just as you get to the head of the line.

Airport security is extremely tight and there are a lot of strict rules that need to be followed when you are going on holiday. You are not allowed to take just anything on to an aeroplane and you have to ensure you follow the regulations detailed on the signage around the airport, or you may not be permitted to take your bag on board.

Although there are quite a few things to do they are not complicated and when you have done it once, you will have no problems.


1. Remove your laptop. You have to pass your laptop through the x-ray machine without the case, in a separate bin from the rest of your things, so have your laptop (and other electronics) easily accessible. Take your laptop out of the case while you are waiting in line so you can put it right into the bin.

2. Wear Slip-on shoes. Airports require that you take off your shoes when you go through travel security, so wearing sandals or ballet style shoes will make the process faster. Take off your shoes while you are waiting in line and toss them in the bin. If it's going to take you a long time to put your shoes back on, collect all of your belongings and move to the side so the line doesn't get jammed up. Most airports will place chairs near the security lines so you can use them to put your shoes and other items back on after clearing.

3. Pack your belt. Unless your pants are going to fall down, pack your belt in your luggage so you do not have to take it on and off for the metal detector.

4. Empty you pockets. Put all of your personal items in your carry-on bag before you get to the airport. That includes cell phone, keys, and coins. The change should be placed into the provided collection bin along with your wallet and your cell phone. Remember heavy watches, bracelets, and belt buckles can set off the alarm, so take those off, and stow them in your carry-on bag before you get to the front of the line or put them in the bins.

5. Remove your Jacket. You probably will not be allowed to pass through the metal detector with a jacket or sweater, so place it on the conveyor belt with the rest of your things.

6. Carry a bag on wheels. The stores sell great carry-on bags with wheels and pop-up handles. You can store all of your personal items and electronics in one place so your hands will be free. If you are organized, you will travel more comfortably and more quickly.

7. Print your boarding pass in advance. If you do not have any luggage to check, you can generally proceed straight to security with your boarding pass.

8. Check your Toiletries. It is best to pack your toiletries in your checked baggage. If you have to take them in your carry-on, make sure they comply with aviation standards regarding size and packaging before you get to the airport.

9. Toss your drinks. You cannot bring any drinks through security, so check your bags for water bottles, drinks, or other liquids and throw them away before you get to security. If you want to buy a drink at the airport, wait until you have passed security to get it.

If you are carrying snack foods, books, or other personal items, arrange them together nicely so you don't waste time collecting them after being scanned.

10. Carry your ID and boarding pass. After check-in, have these items in-hand to show to the officers at security so you do not have to waste time digging through your bag.


Now that you have read this, you should be able to move through the security lines like a professionally flyer, even if you rarely step on a plane.